Slack Off

by Saif Word

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released June 10, 2014

All songs written by Saif Word
Recorded by John Petri in May 2014



all rights reserved


Saif Word Austin, Texas

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Track Name: The Shuffle
I’d make a fine example, Of a degenerate
I wanna find a pencil, And stab you in the tit
Let’s go!
I wanna tie you up, And whip you with a chain
I won’t hurt the good stuff, I’ll just damage your brain
Dance Bitch, Shuffle your feet
Take off your pants bitch, I’ll bloody your knees
Track Name: No Chingadero
Me llamo es Dos, Dos Zapatos
I am the most, From coast to coast
Don’t mean to boast, But bitch you toast
You fuck with me, You is a ghost
Yo soy roofero, No Chingadero
I am the hero, Up in this ghetto
So dont you meddle, I’m made of metal
You pinche pero, You fucking cero
Yo soy roofero
Track Name: Fresh Like Sex
Sally forth in your daily pursuit
Attempting advancement
Among the semi-executive gang
The office should try to avoid
Stinking to high heavens, oh boy
The less you stink
Fresh Like Sex
The less we all enjoy your fragrance
Fresh Like Sex
The worst fumes are carried in continuously
Worn undergarments, which carry rancidities
From the vaporous areas under your
Arms and between your legs
Fresh Like Sex
Track Name: Garbage Dump
Knife will cut, dog will hunt
I was born in a garbage dump
Pretty girls don’t like me
So I don’t fuck
I do’t really give a fuck
Guess what, I’ve had enough
Guess what, what in the butt
Be my girl, be my cunt
Left for dead in a garbage dump
No shit, I smell like shit
I’m about to have a fit
Get quick, away from this
I’m gonna make you sick
I got pink eye, got VD
I got bugs crawling on me
I got hep A to Z
I got blood everytime I pee
I got glass, I got a G
I got everything you ever need
Why don’t you come party with me
You’ll beg to die before I leave
No shit
Track Name: 2 Shoes
Call me two shoes, Cause I wear two shoes
I never win, I always lose
I smoke the buds, Guzzle the booze
I do the drugs, Mushrooms and glue
Track Name: DIce My Head
I died twice, Now I’m back
Memories filled,To attack
Dice in my head, Guide me straight
Cold as metal, Old as hate
Those aelfinn and eelfinn
Them foxes them snakes
My ashandarei, Will ruin your fate
Track Name: Schitzoid
Well she’s not like the other kids at school
She never fit in cause she’s too cool
All the things she says and all the things she sees
They’re only real for her and real for me
Schitzoid, Schitzoid, Schitzdoid Girl
I told her I liked her, but she didn’t know
If I was real or just a ghost
Could I be a serpent, could I be a fake
Could I be your biggest big mistake
Could I be your serpent, or you biggest mistake
Schitzoid, Schitzoid, Schitzoid Girl
Schitzoid, Schitzoid, Schitzoid joy joy
Schitzoid, Schitzoid, Schitzoid joy joy
Well I ate all her money, stole all her food
It’s no big deal man, I wasn’t rude
I fixed her TV, let her get weird
She called me creep when I grew my beard
Could I be your serpent, or biggest big mistake
Track Name: Undumb
Get undumb
You would be so much cooler
If you weren’t a goddamn drooler
You make me feel so smart
Since your brain fell apart
Get undumb
Everybody;s got their problems
Your biggest one’s a lack of knowledge
Even street smart could suffice
It’s too bad your brain’s on ice
Get undumb
You would be so much cooler
If you weren’t a goddamn drooler
You make me feel so smart
Since your brain fell apart
Track Name: Pee Pee Girl
This goes out to pissed pants girl
Such a lovely lady, such a lovely lady
We’re all living in a pissed pants world
Such a lovely lady, such a lovely lady
But she got too drunk, whatcha gonna do
My mental disorder is just a phase dude
This is my disease, I get weak in the knees
Nothing turns me on like mental instability
What the fuck is wrong with me
Why do I like mean and crazy
Hey why don’t we like go get some therapy
Together, It’ll make us feel so much better
Track Name: College Town
Fashionable jogging shorts
Baggy t=shirts
College clones
Fucking dumb cunts
I hate your boyfriends
I hate your straight hair
I hate cow eyes
I hate your blank stares
OMG I’m stuck in college town
Holy cow I hate this townI wish
Someone would just burn it down
Velcroe sandals
Your toes are funky
You all got fake tans
Your personality
Its a dead end
You all gots fake teeth
Ya”ll gots fake tits
Fake is ugly
OMG Im stuck in college town
Holy cow I hate this town I wish
Someone would just burn it down
Burn it down right now
We gotta kill these clowns
Die Now, Velcroe...